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Beverly Glenn 1

This home was one part of a multi-home development. Located off Beverly Glen, this modern two story Smart Home was built on a very steep slope just above Sunset Blvd, with a steep mountain backdrop. The home consist of a 4000 SF three bedroom, six bath + office. 


Designing the retaining walls and creating space for parking were two of the major challenges of this project. With that said, we managed to create a functional courtyard and a nice backyard despite the restrictions of the lot. Additionally, the balconies and the rooftop deck not only help capture the wonderful view of the canyon, but also provide much needed outdoor space. 


Street parking on Beverly Glen is very limited due to the busy nature of the street and the canyon road. Given the challenge, we were able to create a sizable amount of street parking, anywhere up to 3-5 guest cars, which is a nice addition to the 3 car garage under the building itself.

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