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Additional projects

Beton LLC Builder                                                                                                                    2012

1516 and 1510 N. Beverly Glen Blvd.

LA, Ca. 90077

Owner: Beton LLC

9,000  S.F.

  • Developed and sold two single family residences adjacent to one another which was financed by Royal Business Bank. and sold in 2013 upon completion.


Saboorian’s Residence                                                                                                             1998

1717 Belair Road.

Belair.  California

Owner: Patrick Saboorian

8,500  S.F.

  • Project included construction of  8,500sf  Custom SFR on hillside with limited ingress/egress which imposed several challenging aspects to overcome; including the installation of caisons by helicopter due to topography and limited access to subject’s site.

Sohali’s Residence                                                                                                                    2004

1254 N. Bundy Dr.

Brentwood.  California

Owner: Masood Sohali

7,800  S.F.

  • Completion of custom SFR hillside project including structural design and installation of 30 caisons, plans, permits and project management throughout all phases of construction.

Vahidi’s Residence                                                                                                                   2009

2308 Westridge Rd.

Brentwood.  California

Owner: Mr. & Mrs. Vahidi

6,500  S.F.

  • Custom single family residence, responsibilities included full architectural drawings, structural plans for hillside ordinance, permits and ground up construction to completion.



La vista partnership LLC                                                                                                          2008

1515, 1511, 1501, 1445, 1441 La vista Terr.

Glendale.  California

Owner: La vista partnership LLC


  • Completion of 5 custom individual SFR’s from ground up on consecutive lots for developer/investor.  Project cost completion for construction came in at approximately $5,000,000 and successfully completed within 12 month deadline. This project was financed by East West Bank.

Nariman’s Residence                                                                                                                2007

16983 W. Strawberry

Encino.  California

Owner: Mr. & Mrs. Nariman

5,200  S.F.

  • Complete renovation project, torn down to one wall and rebuilt 5,200sf  SFR custom home.  Project involved architectural drawings, plans, permits and project management throughout construction.

Sohali’s Residence                                                                                                                    2006

721 18th St.

Santa Monica.  California

OwnerMr. & Mrs. Sohali

5,800  S.F.

  • Major renovation project, torn down to one wall and rebuilt 5,800 sf. SFR custom home.  



Gorham Partnership LLC                                                                                                          2005

11966 Gorham Ave

Brentwood,  California

Owner: Gorham partnership LLc

10,000  S.F.

  • Design and development of high end custom SFR as spec home with partners – completed at sold for profit in 2005. This project was financed by First Republic Bank..

Park ave                                           In Process

Echo Park, California

15,000 S.F.  -- 11 Units

Ram’s Residence                                      2016

Tarzana, California

3,100  S.F.

Assil’s Residence                                      2003

Beverly Hills.  California

12,500  S.F.



Keshavarez’s’ Residence                          2001

Sherman Oaks.  California

2,800 S.F.



Barlava’s Residence                                 2001

Beverly Hills.  California

6,500 S.F.



Makhani’s Residence                               2000

Beverly Hills.  California

5,500  S.F.



Kim’s Residence                                      2000

Northridge.  California

4,800  S.F.

Schoenholz’s Residence                           1999

Brentwood.  California

2,800  S.F.


Mohsenizadeh’s Residence                      1998

Brentwood.  California

3,200  S.F.

Saboorian’s Residence                             1998

Belair.  California

8,500  S.F.



Ashrafi’s Residence                                  1997

Pacific Palisade,  California

8,200  S.F.



Mahmodi’s Residence                              1997

Brentwood.  California

5,100  S.F.



Solemani’s Residence                              1996

Santa Monica.  California

6,800  S.F.



Behfarin’s Residence                               1996

Beverly Hills.  California

5,500  S.F.



Makhani’s Residence                               1995

Brentwood.  California

5,200  S.F.



Mosaye’ Residence                                  1995

Brentwood.  California

3,500  S.F.



Barcohanna’ s Residence                         1994

Beverly Hills,  California

6,500   S.F.

Commercial Projects

Hollywood Hotel                                                                                                                   2010

1175 N. Vermont Ave,

LA,  California

Owner: Zarco Management Inc.

25,000  S.F.


  • Converted existing 32,000 sf building to additional facilities and suites for expansion of hotel.  Responsibilities included design, plans, permits and complete renovation and upgrade to convert existing structure to Spa quality suites.


Alvarado Swap meet                                                                                                             1991

501 Alvarado st..

LA.  California

Owner: Mayor Separzadeh

11,000  S.F.                                                   

  • Complete gutting and renovation of historical landmark building and conversion of  interior space to individual suites for swap meet vendors while maintaining integrity of existing exterior structure.

Westwood mix use Project                  2016

11 Units Apartment + Retail building                

Los Angeles, Ca



Santa Monica mix use Project             2016 

Apartment Units + Retail building                            Santa Monica, Ca



Cutler and Gross                                  2015

Eyewear store on Melrose                

West Hollywood, Ca



California Rent a Car                           2014 

Car Rental and office building                                     

Culver City, Ca

Regency Town home LLC                     2004

Chatsworth,  California

11,000  S.F.


Gaffney Hair Institute                           2003

Beverly Hills.  California


Saint James Plaza Retail Center/          1996 Medical Building                                        

12,000  S.F.

Cudahy.  California



Los Angelos Trade Center                    1993

28,000  S.F.

LA.  California

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